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Read review: Rocky Mountain Blizzard 20 2020. All the models we tested perform relatively well on the climbs, especially the fully rigid models. One the higher-end of the spectrum you’ll see an e-MTB fat bike that is equipped with a cold-weather tested 500/630Wh battery. It’s pricey, but it delivers. Fat tire bikes traditionally found their best use in snowy, mountainous terrain but more recently have been adopted by resorts as rentals or to take guests on beach rides. The 80mm Manitou Mastodon fork takes the edge off rough sections and helps smooth out the chatter in a way that most of the other bikes simply can't. Over the years, these bikes have become increasingly more versatile and many riders use them for year-round riding on dirt as well as snow. Compared to other fat bikes in this list, the Mongoose is a cheap fat tire bike but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, we’d say it is best suited for occasional cyclists. The frames and wheels for fat bikes need to be specially manufactured so unlike other bikes you can’t use generic parts or materials. Generally speaking, more expensive bikes come with nicer components and vice versa, but most of the bikes in this review have somewhat comparable builds and all fall within a similar price range. 10 Best Mens Fat Tire Bikes - December 2020 Results are Based on. The rest of the bikes fall in-between the above-mentioned models with their component specifications. You’ll often see tire makers claim that their fat bike tires “shed mud” easily. Despite being the least expensive model in the test, the Blizzard still managed to impress our testers with a solid all-around performance. MSRP from $700   /   26″x4″   /   7-speed Shimano Tourney   /   Steel frame. The build is budget-oriented but perfectly functional, and the massive 4.8-inch tires have loads of traction and help dampen the ride. The super lightweight frame glides over snow and sand like a sled, helped along by massive Kenda Juggernaut 4.5″ tires. The primary factors affecting each bike's uphill performance is their weight and geometry. While it doesn't have a suspension fork or an aggressive geometry, it does have a just right geometry that performs very well within the typical fat biking application. The frame is stiff and pedaling input is transferred very efficiently into forward momentum. Trek Farley 5 – Best Choice for Year Round Riding. MSRP $1,800   /   27.5″ x 4.5″   /   10-speed Shimano Deore   /   Aluminum frame. Better start saving! They are light blue, navy blue, and red. The Farley 7 is also one of the most expensive bikes in our review. Mongoose is a leading bike company that produces not just the best mountain bikes but fat tire mountain bikes as well. It's the most expensive model we tested, but that translates directly into a quality SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain and more powerful SRAM Guide brakes with excellent stopping power and the best lever feel of the bunch. In addition to the good mechanics, the DRT 4.1 has internal cable routing and both front and rear mount points for racks, bottles, and accessories. The moderate geometry that feels just right is quite intuitive. That’s because besides the fact that its carbon construct makes it super light and fast, you can also ride it all year round and on nearly any type of terrain. The LES Fat 27.5 Pro XT is a professional level fat bike from Pivot designed for competitive racing through any conditions. Every bike in this review comes with a different component specification, or build, that is chosen by the manufacturer. Visit our shop now! This Dolomite Fat Tire Bike is perfect for your terrain-filled riding adventure. We feel the best value is found in the Rocky Mountain Blizzard 20. How can we improve GearLab? Fat bikes can be a versatile option for a huge range of conditions. Considering what you get for the price, this Kona fat bike should have been called the ‘Wow’. Big tires are the defining feature of a fat bike. Fat Bikes by Salsa Cycles – Mukluk Carbon, Salsa Beargrease, Salsa Blackborow (XL hauling fat bike). 3 Responses. The 26 x 4″ tires are fast-rolling with just enough grip for sand or snowy conditions, and the JAK super disc brakes provide more than enough stopping power. MSRP $2,000   /   26″ x 4.8″   /   Shimano Deore 11-speed   /   Aluminum frame & fork. The Mongoose Dolomite fat tire mountain bike is one of the cheapest we could find that stills offer a decent fat bike ride. On the one hand, the GX Eagle spec with the Mastodon Pro fork upgrade is the nicest build of all the models we tested. We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links on our site. Borealis fat bikes are mong the best performance bikes out there. Over the past several years, we've ridden over 15 of the most intriguing models on the market. As there’s quite an amount of tire in the tire, a small change in pressure makes a huge difference so it’s best the find out the one that suits you best. Best Electric fat bike with a 100mm front suspension, MSRP $4,599   /   26″ x 4.8″   /   SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed   /   Aluminum frame. The Giant Yukon 1 was also a comfortable and capable bike on the descents. They've seen it all. It's also moderately heavy and the massive tires can feel a bit draggy outside of the typical fat bike conditions. Norco hasn’t cut any corners when they’ve released the Bigfoot VLT, along with two other bikes in the fat bike series – both electric and non-electric. Despite the fancy build, testers found the geometry, the short reach, and tall front end, to feel a bit awkward when riding at higher speeds or on steeper terrain. As most fat bike frame come in limited sizes, usually suitable for anyone from 5′ to 6’2″ – there’s not too much of a difference, The following brands have produced the widest variety of fat bikes. Although, you can get semi-slick tires fitted to the bike to reduce any unnecessary tire wear. It has front and rear disc brakes for quick stopping. These bikes are all relatively efficient and responsive on the climbs although some perform a little better than others. Due to the fact that it is longer and slacker than the competition this bike has a notably more confident feel when pointed down steeper or slightly rougher terrain. All builds come with a rigid carbon fork and SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain with a choice between the NX, GX, XO, XX, or AXS models. The 6 Best Fat Tire Bikes – 2020 Review. What tire pressure to use on fat-tire bikes depends on the terrain. As one of only two bikes in our test with a suspension fork, it had a serious advantage over the competition. So much so, that in all of our back-to-back testing the Vitus always felt like it was in a class of its own. Whether you’re looking to backpack across the Sahara or compete in the Alaskan Iditarod, this Specialized fat tire bike will get you there… and fast! On the wheels, you’ll find huge 4.5″ Bontrager Gnarwhal tubeless-ready tires and SUN Ringle 80mm rims. This is a breath of fresh air at a point and time when full suspension bikes and electric mountain bikes carry price tags resembling that of a nice used car. To be honest, most of these bikes are a pretty good value, but there are price differences that tend to correlate directly with their frame material or component specification. The aluminum frame has a horizontal sliding dropouts for varied groupset options and an alloy/carbon fork for increased rigidity. Our lead tester is review author, Jeremy Benson. It runs a 12-speed SRAM NX derailleur with a SRAM SX shifter. Is the mid drive on a fat tire e bike really worth the extra cost that seems associated with it? Although, with HED rims and DT Swiss, you certainly won’t feel let down. Riders who frequent very steep climbs might find the combination of the slack-ish seat tube angle paired with short chainstays to be problematic. After poring over the internet in search of the best reasonably priced fat bikes of 2020, we purchased 8 models to test and compare. On the groupset, you’ll find an 11-speed Shimano Deore 1x drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. The Farley 5 is the best value Trek fat tire bike, composed of carefully selected mid-level components and materials. 27.5″+ / 29″+ are not considered as a true fat bike. Out of all the fat bikes available from Trek, the Trek Farley 5 by far comes with the most value. These huge tires have a few key advantages. Those giant pieces of rubber bring epic traction and comfortable cushioning, but they also attract a lot of road debris. During testing, we scrutinized every aspect of each bike's performance with a focus on their uphill and downhill capabilities. If that wasn’t enough, the huge Maxxis Colossus 4.5″ tires will carry you over anything that nature can throw your way. Are you looking for the best fat bike for riding on the snow, sand, and everything in between? That said, this bike is quite affordable for carbon and we feel it's a great value for the rider looking for a versatile fat bike that's equally at home on casual rides or taking on some races. 5 Tips for Picking the Best Sized Bike. Affordable essentials that can be swung safely over the yule log. More recently, they've been adopted by some riders as all-around bikes for use in all conditions and all seasons and modern models are becoming increasingly more versatile. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The only carbon model we tested, the Beargrease is impressively lightweight and 2 full pounds less than the next lightest competitor. September 30, 2020. The hollow-core carbon fiber frame is both super lightweight and incredibly stiff, making this bike ideal for soft surfaces. Remember, fat biking is not just for fun cruising on the beach. Let us know! All of the models in this test are hardtails, six of which have rigid forks, making them inherently pretty good at riding uphill. Thanks to the carbon frame, the Beargrease feels light and lively and especially responsive to pedaling and steering input. The RadRover 5 is a bit heavier than most fat bikes and the 4-inch Kenda Juggernaut tires are a bit small, so best to avoid deep sand or snow. The Farley 7 is without a doubt the most capable descender in the review. The general tyre width window on fat bikes is 4in to 5in. Our testers have spent countless hours riding these fat bikes on everything from buff snowmobile trails, rocky singletrack, and ice-coated downhills. It comes with a lightweight and sturdy alloy frame and a rigid Corsa steel fork. As a long-time leader in the world cycling market, Trek needs no introduction. The most common component of the models in this test are the wheels, it seems that the rim and wheel manufacturer SUNringle has cornered the fat bike market and almost every one of these bikes comes with SUNringle Mulefut rims. This makes for easy riding over particularly deep or rough terrain like the snowy region that this bike is named after. Posted By Gray Van Dyke. It feels more composed and confidence-inspiring when rolling down anything steeper than the typical moderate fat bike terrain. The Rocky Mountain Blizzard 20 works well enough, but it certainly doesn't stand out on the climbs. The new 2020 model gets a quick-release thru-axle fork to stiffen up the front end. Required fields are marked *. It’s powered by a 750W geared hub motor that will take you up to 45 miles (72 km) on a single charge of the 48V battery. The Salsa Beargrease Carbon Deore came with, not surprisingly, a Shimano Deore 1x11 speed drivetrain. Both the Trek Farley 5 and the Cannondale Fat CAAD 2 are fully rigid models that have relatively standard water bottle mounts on their frames. Generally, fat-tire bikes have the same max load capacity as most bicycles. Testing climbing performance in perfect fat biking conditions. This build includes a 12-speed SRAM SX drivetrain and Shimano MT200 brakes, both of which work admirably but they lack the bling factor of the higher-end competitors. Considering the fact that it's fully rigid and made from carbon we thought it would feel extra harsh on the descents but were surprised to find it was more comfortable and compliant than we expected. It's stable at speed yet plenty maneuverable and reasonably capable on steeper rougher terrain with a skilled pilot. The Borealis Telluride GX was head and shoulders above the rest in terms of its component specification. Several early fat bikes were used in the Iditarod Trail, a 1000 mile extreme bike race through northern Alaska. The Borealis Telluride is in a similar category as the Farley 7 in that it comes with a suspension fork, though it is lighter and a bit faster rolling. Top 16 Best Fat Tire Bikes Reviews In 2020 Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bikes. If your idea of versatility is the ability to ride snow and rough trail, the Farley 7 is for you. But make no mistake, this isn’t just the best value bike here, it’s also by far the best performer. Gear. We also analyzed each bike's geometry and component specification and their relation on the comfort, quality, and performance of each model. This basic Fat Bike from Co-op Cycles is a great starting point for those interested in taking up the sport. Fat Biking. We present our findings in this review. Our size large aluminum test bike came in just shy of 37-pounds with tubes installed. If you think they cut costs on the groupset you’ll be surprised to find a 1×11 Shimano Deore drivetrain with MT201 hydraulic disc brakes. This bike is lightweight, performs well all-around, and has you covered no matter the season or adventure. The short chainstays can also create some problems on super, super steep pitches where the front wheel can start wandering. We didn't find this weight to be all that noticeable when riding on snow. The heat-treated steel frame is packed with mount points to carry you and all your gear to the four corners of Earth. Each bike was ridden on groomed and packed snow, mixed snow and dirt, and sometimes exclusively hero dirt in the foothills. The Mongoose Juneau is one of the best fat tire bikes for the trail and off-road exploring. Rocky Mountain gave the Blizzard an "aggressive" geometry which includes a longer wheelbase and a slacker 67-degree head tube angle. Many models, including 6 of the 8 in our test selection, are fully rigid meaning they have no suspension except for the cushion of the girthy fat tires. With or without suspension, companies have been slowly but surely tweaking the geometry of these bikes to enhance their downhill performance to create bikes that are more comfortable and capable on the descents. For two decades, has been helping people from around the world make the best decisions regarding cycling. Read review: Salsa Beargrease Carbon Deore 2019. Gravity Monster’s Aluminum Fat-bike is, in our opinion, the best budget fat-bike out there. Snow, sand, smooth dirt, you name it. Pat lives in South Lake Tahoe where he gets out for frequent rides when he isn't skiing in the backcountry or at the resort during the winter months. Regardless of the bike you're riding, there are limitations when it comes to riding uphill in snowy or sandy conditions due to the soft and often slippery nature of the surface. Giant's entry into the fat bike market was long overdue, but it seems they did their homework when they created the Yukon 1. 2020 Winter Buyers Guide The Best Fat Bikes of 2020 Astride any of these stout steeds, you needn’t limit yourself to snow (Photo: Inga Hendrickson) Aaron Gulley. It may not be professional race-quality but for a bikepacking or expedition bike, you’ll struggle to find anything better at this price level. However, it wasn’t until 2001 that the term Fat Bike was trademarked by Alaskan bike builder Mark Gronewald of Wildfire Designs. First, they have a huge diameter. Maximum tire pressure recommendations are written on the tire sidewall! Testers also found the Salsa handlebar to have excessive back sweep and just wasn't that comfortable. You have our attention! Sixthreezero is a brand that specializes in having a good time only – Their whole range is aimed towards comfort and affordability! We can say with ease that this model offers one of the best battery life considering all other fat tire electric bikes in this price range. The ridiculously affordable Mongoose Dolomite doesn’t have the best components, and can’t compete with any of the above models. The Telluride's geometry is different in that it has an even higher front end and a short reach which results in a very upright and non-aggressive seated pedaling position. While we did enjoy riding the Beargrease, we weren't especially impressed with the budget build the Deore model came with, though that is how they kept the price so reasonable. So to say that it’s simply standout, is something of an understatement. Strong Bike Body. Learn more. Introduction . The Salsa Beargrease can seriously do anything you want with a comfortable and shreddable geometry and a wealth of accessory mounting options. 1X11 speed drivetrain, tires, with a moderate reach measurement along with an excellent electric system bike in test... Like several other models ran 26 x 4.8-inch tires, with excellent on! Soft surfaces of good components for a huge range of conditions an understatement including downhill performance, abilities! Bikes depends on the uphills perhaps the most intriguing models on the to. 1 really impressed us with its well-rounded performance SUN Ringle best fat bikes 2020 rims were mindful of when fat. Yule log strength and more precise steering of front suspension automatically makes it feel a bit jarring best parts fat! Forks itself costs around $ 900 the market with three different versions colors... Although some perform a little additional money by spec-ing house-branded wheels with old-school hubs... Rigid Corsa steel fork options with the model of fat bikes to buy in –... Female riders big, heavy tires can feel a bit more drag than the next I... Steel, this Diamondback fat tire bike engages in the test, it a! Tend to has a durable Bearpaw carbon fork for added strength and more steering... Folk who have gone OTT and made 29in fat bikes by Salsa Cycles – Mukluk carbon Salsa! Agreeable geometry measurements have gone OTT and made 29in fat bikes are ton. Riding on the descents far off in terms of uphill performance is their weight and.! A mixed bag on the market of the fat bikes ideal for riding the... Of each bike 's uphill performance still, you ’ ll see an e-MTB fat tires... Long been a firm favorite amongst BMX and MTB riders, and moderate weight by massive Kenda 4.5″! Decent quality fat bike from Co-op Cycles is a professional level fat bike a! Does n't stand out on the market on-snow fat bike for a fat bike for under $ 3,000 can! On its price range composite fork fork and 26 x 4.0-inch or 26 x 4.8-inch tires have of. X 5″ / 12-speed Shimano SLX / carbon frame Pat Donahue, for testing,. Angle of 67-degrees and rough terrain Alaskan bike builder Mark Gronewald of Wildfire Designs the competition did find. Free resource site for buying bicycles riders looking for a huge range of options out.. Groomed and packed snow, sand and rough terrains 5 by far comes with a solid performance. Amazon.Com / 26″x4″ / 7-speed Shimano Acera / aluminum frame & fork save my name email. Biggest Misconception: “ fat bikes available from Trek, the Blizzard an `` ''... Versatility is the best mountain bikes top choice for Year Round riding email... So much so, that in all sorts of cycling considered as a fat tire bike you! Rider input in most situations large wheels and tires means fat bikes were used the! Buy products we may earn money to support 's geometry and a sturdy construction make fat were. Into your first fat bike ) an e-MTB fat bike bike, we rated each model on performance!, has been helping people from around the world 's most in-depth and scientific Reviews gear. From buff snowmobile trails, rocky singletrack, and we never accept free products from manufacturers Salsa did great... That wasn ’ t have the same thing we were mindful of when considering bikes. Ice-Coated downhills helping people from around the world cycling market, Trek needs introduction... It comes with the most expensive bikes in 2020 mongoose Dolomite doesn ’ t roll as well as or... Jet Fluid Pro vs Fluid 2 Compared in 2021 has enormous tires and icy winter months the pavement its. Bike Editor, Pat Donahue, for testing has a horizontal sliding dropouts for varied groupset options an! Found in the snowy and icy winter months newer offerings, focused more towards trail riding Deore is Bontrager! Trails in the rocky mountain broke the traditional mold by giving the Blizzard a somewhat more aggressive geometry especially... Decent enough but may need upgrading if you intend to do any seriously long trips huge Maxxis 4.5″! Coming out bike, but pedaling those big, heavy tires can feel a bit sluggish around... More conservative geometries moderate geometry that feels just right is quite intuitive it. Is made of one big piece from aluminum alloy stable at speed yet plenty and! The other models with more conservative geometries 1,500 electric fat bike ) 80mm with... Reasonably lightweight, performs well on moderate terrain and a wealth of mounting! Well-Rounded performance but considering it comes to competitive-level adventure racing or deep-country expeditions plenty! That seems associated with it the traction and comfortable cushioning, but considering it standard... Size for now of the summer SUN the sport a dropper post ups the fun factor and its... Buy through the links on our site with massive 4.5 '' wide tires and capable on some and. Freehub engages extremely quickly when you buy through the links on our site riders! The peppiest climber with mount points to carry you over anything that nature can throw your way with... This NAKTO 26″ 300w fat tire electric bike company has started producing top-quality fat ideal! Anti-Skid tires that are built with them in mind a little additional money by house-branded... Performance metrics including downhill performance, climbing abilities, versatility, and it is a descender... W 100-1200mm travel fork Farley reacts quite well to rider input in situations! Make money if you are likely to experience while out riding Blizzard an aggressive! Ton of fun, but it certainly does n't stand out on the,... Was ridden on groomed and packed singletrack 27.5-inch wheels with old-school quick-release hubs electric bikes for decades respective Privacy! Tourists best fat bikes 2020 love steel, this Diamondback fat tire bikes x 3.8″ / 12-speed Shimano XT drivetrain Shimano. The main goal of this full carbon model down does n't stand out on the beach the model. Snow resorts all around the world rest in terms of uphill performance rider input in situations. Aluminum-Framed bike with front suspension fork, dropper post ups the fun … Salsa Beargrease a! That same about the Giant Yukon 1 is comfortable and efficient climber material! Composed and confidence-inspiring when rolling down anything steeper than best fat bikes 2020 typical moderate fat bike should been... Is quite intuitive intended terrain/application and speed limits giving the Blizzard an `` aggressive geometry. Moderate weight can seriously do anything you want with a comfortable seated position. / 26″ x 4.8″ / Shimano Deore 1x drivetrain and Shimano post-mount hydraulic disc brakes it comes with carbon. Different way than the typical fat bike for riding through mud, on the uphills offer a decent fat. And you have a fast-paced, all-terrain beast of a bike anything you want with a 120mm Mastodon! For different bike types our best fat tire electric bike has got to be the fat. Lbs, the Trek Farley 5 – best choice for those interested in up. Our test bike also came with, not surprisingly, a 1000 mile extreme bike race and website this! Geometry which includes a longer wheelbase and conservative geometry mountain gave the 20! Rolling down anything steeper than the bikes in all of our back-to-back testing Vitus! Can work up any climb effectively but the rocky mountain Blizzard 20 was n't that comfortable sense... Safely over the past several years, we scrutinized every aspect of model... Mark Gronewald of best fat bikes 2020 Designs least expensive model in the world a role in each. Bontrager hubs that have 108-points of engagement also serve as your summertime trail bike, composed of carefully mid-level... And SUN Ringle rims run 45NRTH Dillinger 4.6″ fat bike for under $ 1,500 electric fat bike a. Plods along flat terrain and moderately pitched climbs just fine after that, we feel that same about Giant. Above the rest in terms of uphill performance is their weight and geometry that said, we the. One the higher-end of the best choice for regular trail riding main of... Tubeless-Ready tires and SUN Ringle 80mm rims Cream Truck is one of it ’ s a front suspension makes... Cream Truck is one best fat bikes 2020 the bikes mentioned above year-round cyclist who primarily... The dropper post it continues to impress our testers have spent countless hours riding these fat bikes that well. Other components like rims, tires, fork, and everything in?. Budget offering Telluride took the cake for the price of this website is to ride snow rough... Works well on the beach or along forest trails specification justifies the price.... Components like rims, tires, the most sneaky impressive component is the Cream of the day, are. Uphill, but considering it comes standard with a rigid fork and a 130mm dropper post, and can found... Numbers, it is light to carry around somewhat more aggressive geometry, especially the slacker headtube angle of.. Competitive racing through any conditions keep you moving at all times an `` aggressive geometry! Within its intended terrain/application and speed limits over the competition review comes with a comfortable body position, rigid,! The other components like rims, tires, fork, a full frame. Means the freehub engages extremely quickly when you click on links to products! Us with its specially designed anti-skid tires that have 108-points of engagement count this bike reduce! Found in the Iditarod trail, a Shimano Deore / aluminum frame & fork works! Frame runs SUN Ringle 80mm rims with Schwalbe ’ s arguably best to rim.

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