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Design und entwicklung der business model-innovation. D. IGITAL . Findings The interactive elevator billboard could, be used by ThyssenKrupp to collect customer satisfaction feedback or the inter-, active elevator billboard space could be leased or sold outright to end users or, third-party advertising agencies. digital transformation to foster new solutions in the areas of health and nutrition. At a time when companies look for orientation to navigate their digital transformation, the contribution of this paper is a framework, from a process perspective, rooted in solid scientific concepts, to guide practitioners on how to assess digital transformation initiatives. Significant advancements in technology and wide access to the Internet has resulted in what is named the Digital age. What it is and why it matters Digital transformation refers to the process and strategy of using digital technology to drastically change how businesses operate and serve customers. Startups are important engines for innovation. It's about finding new ways to deliver value, generate revenue, and improve efficiency – and companies are using innovative technologies to do it. revenue generating advertising or gathering personal feedback. IG Metall. To address this concern, they created the MAX, Elevator Monitoring, of information which provides key insights into an elevator, motors, elevator doors, and elevator shafts, with sensors. By applying the Roadmap, companies are able to optimise their current business model and create a distinct, The aim of this paper is to report our research results on the DT of business, models. Design/methodology/approach ‐ The paper explains that businesses aiming to generate new customer value propositions or transform their operating models need to develop a new portfolio of capabilities for flexibility and responsiveness to fast-changing customer requirements. This study had enriched the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to explore the role of mobile skillfulness and user innovation in the electronic wallet acceptance of consumers in the digital transformation era. Nesse contexto, a transformação digital e as capacidades de TI têm sido objeto de estudos procurando avaliar seus reflexos no desempenho da empresa. What do generic options for digital strategies look like? The increase of revenue through new advertisement space could, also be an attractive future proposal if ThyssenKrupp believes that such com-, munication expertise exists in the company and can be further leveraged to create, additional revenue streams. The, reference unit with regard to the level of novelty is primarily the, enable data collection and exchange as well as the ability to, are used to initiate new processes within the business model. Digital trans-. *��%4LDVc�2�$U&��A!S\�v�Q��G�)�ב`*2+�� plication of our approach in several industries) need to be further investigated. A business model involves the following dimensions, The objective is to combine the business model elements in such, a way that they mutually reinforce each other. Digital transformation is a universal phenomenon where businesses use digital technologies to change, improve, enhance, and replace existing business processes. G�T��ȫ@�"C�T��pR��B�(4W�����+�@,�?�]? � �t��l����40�H���An[��w����(@� �=V endstream endobj 450 0 obj <>/Metadata 159 0 R/Outlines 279 0 R/Pages 440 0 R/StructTreeRoot 284 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 451 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 452 0 obj <>stream The sole purpose of MAX is to gather and take, advantage of data and utilise modern predictive analytics to better evaluate and, The proposed interactive elevator billboard space could address another, opportunity to add value; namely workplace communication and a chance to, introduce a new media channel and marketing platform into an otherwise barren, environment. Further research regarding the impact of the DT of business models would be, worthwhile. In our contribution, we initiate the DT of business models and develop a, Based on the problem described and current understanding, we will answer the, We applied case study methods to our literature review because this methodology, is desirable for describing and analysing relevant cases in which grounded-theory, business models. Given these results, we evaluate the research framework and our approach to investigate the most relevant aspects of the Digital Transformation. Payment through electronic wallet, which is one of the solutions to digitize consumer payables and corporate receivables, is increasingly popular globally. While it can seem just like adding lots of technology, it’s also more focused on the transformative part of the term. When done effectively, it enables companies to share information that can dramatically shorten processing time, eliminate value-depleting activities, and improve quality, accuracy, and asset productivity—all of which are fundamental to long-term success. The case research, Bendor-Samuel, P (2017). Using PLS-SEM modeling, the results show that customers, data and innovation, which are drivers that companies should work on during a digital transformation, have a significant impact on companies’ quest to reach sustainability. It affects four target dimensions, In the previous section, a brief review of the literature established our theoretical, foundation for DT. Das Buch entwickelt auf der Basis theoretischer und praktischer erspektiven eine mehrteilige Methode der Geschäftsmodell-Innovation. The second think tank looked at the four ‘Ps’ of digital transformation – Product, People, Price and Place (i.e. In addition to the sale and installation of elevators and escalators, maintenance, repair, and modernisation services are also offered (, elevators, installing them, and carrying out maintenance as needed. To investigate current and future trends, we propose a research framework covering four dimensions of the Digital Transformation and conduct an exploratory Online Real-Time Delphi study with international experts from a diverse field of academic contexts and disciplines. The customer maintenance requirements were changing and ThyssenKrupp, needed to come up with a solution. For example, ThyssenKrupp could re-, quire a rental fee for the space or simply include a surcharge in the purchase price, The contribution of this research is to initiate the discussion of the DT of business, presented. Digital transformation is what's happening to organizations as they adopt new and innovative ways to do business based on technological advances. rates, increases speed, and makes it possible to reduce operating costs. People are using mobile, interactive tools to determine who to trust, where to go and what … The phrase has become ubiquitous in the age of digitization. Le plan vise à la fois à améliorer les conditions des usagers, mais également les conditions de travail des employés, dans une optique globale d’optimisation des coûts. Digital transformation — the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises — is a hot topic for companies across the globe. Digital tools and technology are changing how people interact, and in turn this changes how people do business. Comparing the two examples, ThyssenKrupp, maintenance system could be seen as the more pressing need, given their core, ThyssenKrupp digitally transformed their business model by developing an in-, novative maintenance management system. experience). We understand DT as a consistent networking of all sectors of the, economy and adjustment of the players to the new realities of the, digital economy. Digital transformation seems to be an effective solution to the main problems that appear in the competitive business environment. Além disso, os verificou-se uma relação positiva entre a transformação digital e a inovação e o desempenho da empresa. The disruptors will be among the first digital organizations that define what a “digital enterprise” really looks like. Four categories for enablers and applications/services are detailed. The enhanced transparency with regards to the maintenance requirements provided, new digitally driven process but the real bene. The concept behind digital transformation is how to use technology to remake a process so that it becomes more efficient or effective. Digital Transformation of Business Models, Based on the literature, we propose the following de, The DT framework includes the networking of actors such as, businesses and customers across all value-added chain segments, requires skills that involve the extraction and exchange of data as, well as the analysis and conversion of that data into actionable, information. One of the most effective innovators and creators of new ideas are startups [2,7, ... Gerald C. Kane points out that although the need for fundamental change remains, the overuse and misuse of the term "digital transformation" in recent years has weakened its potency. Ferner wird der Begriff des Geschäftsmodells erläutert. collect information from elevator riders. The MAX system introduced an innovative data-driven digital initiative that, Although the MAX system included additional costs for their customers, the, improved long-term operation, shorter downtimes, and increased elevator reli-, The interactive elevator billboard takes advantage of an underutilised space in, the elevators and creates a new customer channel. It tried to defne what a digital process is and the boundaries that surround the process, and examined how it can be made more customer-centric. Rule-based, ned as sets of clearly assigned rule-based (algorithmic) processes, eld of the DT of business models is the following, ts are provided to customers and partners. Selected activities are illustrated by case studies. It used to take Fortune 500 companies an average of 20 years to reach a billion-dollar valuation; today’s digital start-ups are getting there in four. In this context, the DT of business, models plays an essential role because business models, DT has been discussed for many years but what is still unaccounted for is a. transform business models, which phases and instruments should be considered, and examples of what enablers exist. Empirical studies that have linked between the factors of digital transformation and a more sustainable business are still scant. For example, in the retail industry, mass media advertising, nitions in the context of DT are shown in, the use of technology to radically improve the performance or. ... [...] However, one thing is certain: we are on the historical threshold of the digital age -a new era of digitality in the course of which our accustomed living conditions will radically change" [1]. The MAX system could potentially have a better long-term, outlook with regards to revenue. This addresses an existing research gap regarding the DT of business. Moreover, the development of this maturity model will provide state-of-the-art opportunities for SMEs towards digital transformation by evaluating their current and future digital transformation capabilities. Put simply, information that was, nal decision to prioritise the MAX system probably stemmed, s maintenance-oriented customer dimension in their business, ts for all stakeholders. Digital transformation enjoys a growing interest from both practitioners and researchers. �N��y��b�r��y\�U�gpٽ�����w������v_�����M���!�g=1�nWmv��Y�dh���"�v�-�`(Wq6q^�h��(�GG��N��&NKܙs�ȋY�B��ռ�lz�_��nw.�A�. This chapter introduces relevant definitions for elements pertaining to the digital transformation of business models. Nowadays, there is a focus on mobile devices and on creating value for customers by, D. Schallmo, C. A. Williams & L. Boardman, leveraging the kinds of personalised customer data that mobile technologies can, generate on a massive scale. Businesses are taking advantage of this personalised, information and are able to better tailor their products, communications, and, There is currently no commonly accepted de, the terms digitalisation and the digitisation are often used interchangeably (, economy and society, as well as the ability to collect relevant, information, and to analyse and translate that information into, actions. The evaluated options, ) describe a detailed plan for digital transformation that is specif-. Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) is standing out as the new direction changing the relationship between labour and technology as well as shaping the ethical use of new technologies. Originality/value external stakeholders created tremendous value. Digital transformation is currently the most important element of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that changes the way of doing business. The one argument for an interactive screen/billboard would be, the expense. The following section introduces three existing approaches to digital transformation that can serve as the basis for a Roadmap. Part 2: Practical implications Research results affirmed the TAM model applied toward e-wallet service, besides, showed the positive effect of mobile skillfulness and user innovation on consumers’ intention to accept the e-wallet in daily transactions. ThyssenKrupp, a data-driven maintenance system which created new bene, and in turn generated a new revenue stream. The DBT leadership challenge is about reenergizing, businesses that may already be successful to capture the full, potential of information technology across the total supply chain, across the globe. Aufgaben, Kontrollfragen und Templates erleichtern den Lern- und Umsetzungsprozess für Unternehmer und Führungsverantwortliche sowie für Studierende, die in der Lehre für Unternehmensherausforderungen hinsichtlich Innovations- und Wandlungshergängen sensibilisiert und zum proaktiven Handeln befähigt werden. It was developed using a design science research approach, building on the ISO/IEC 330xx family of standards to provide structure to a set of digital transformation processes identified using a systematic literature review. tenance repairs and improved their customer relations. Digital Transformation vs. Business Process Ree, Retrieved October 11, 2017, from http://content.inteqgroup.com/digita, Schallmo, DR (2014). The MAX system was able, to deliver this communication, which in turn improved the relations between, space would depend on who delivers the actual content. Subsequent activities along with each of their instru-. It is a component which was. We combine two relevant topics: DT and business model, (innovation). For example, it would be interesting to create a knowledge building, community where researchers and practitioners can compare experiences gained, from our approach in different industries and company sizes. 449 0 obj <> endobj 471 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<11D138AE40CD429FBD7011B451B896AD>]/Index[449 51]/Info 448 0 R/Length 113/Prev 970574/Root 450 0 R/Size 500/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream The initial development of the touch screen platform would probably, The decision to develop either a data-driven maintenance system like the MAX, system or an interactive screen/billboard ultimately depends on the potential, revenue and expenses. Purpose In addition, several already-installed elevators posed a risk to, service packages, which is a high-margin offering compared to product sales, manner. These, employees now receive warning alerts as well as maintenance guidance and, These changes allowed ThyssenKrupp to proactively carry out maintenance. In this section, the definition of digital and a brief history of digital transformation will be presented. Therefore, we recommend interviews with practitioners and longitudinal studies in. Collaboration occurs when companies work together for mutual benefit. Practical implications ‐ Companies focused on fully reshaping the operating model optimize all elements of the value chain around points of customer engagement. high speed broadband telecommunications allows for the synchronisation of, supply chains, which leads to a reduction in production times and innovation, Enablers are listed with their applications/services in a digital radar, which is, The Digital radar can supplement more enablers and applications/services as, aircraft components. Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. customers was the access to data allowing for real-time maintenance alerts. Digital transformation (DT) is becoming a prime topic for firms across the globe (Von Leipzig et al. The degree of the DT includes the incremental (marginal) as, well as the radical (fundamental) change of a business model. It’s used to improve processes and productivity, deliver better customer and employee experiences, manage business risk, and control costs. Moreover, the paper offers examples of enablers, International Journal of Innovation Management, Vol. Alternatively, advertising revenue from the screens could be used to subsidise the initial list price, of the elevator for builders and contractors, allowing ThyssenKrupp to position its, products at more competitive price points while maintaining healthy margins vis-, from the realisation that their in-house maintenance know-how was not being, fully utilised. Design/methodology/approach Por outro lado, os resultados demonstraram que as capacidades de TI são mediadas pela transformação digital. What types of phases, activities, and results are relevant? The concept of a business model is also explained. Additive manufacturing can be used analogously for the, installed a bionic-shaped bracket in an A350 test aircraft in July of 2014 and, tests were successful. These definitions are developed based upon existing definitions from the field of digital transformation. Zu beobachten ist, dass diese Frage sowohl in der wissenschaftlichen Literatur als auch in der Praxis nicht eindeutig geklärt ist. Collaboration can occur at all points along the supply chain—from design through procurement to final distribution. T. RANSFORMATION. Digital Reality for this company in different areas. internal processes, and value propositions. Other important factors in the process are also presented. Pricewa-. To serve as a basis for our Roadmap, we have selected three, out a development plan for a DT strategy and its implementation. The MAX system involved considerable, interactive screen/billboard would probably require a smaller investment, con-, sidering that the underlying technologies are ubiquitous, the software architecture. MAX collects relevant technical and me-, chanical information through sensors to reduce maintenance backlogs and improve, being ignored before is now being collected and utilised to provide value to, DT is a continual process. The, part-time landlords and landladies who own properties in highly sought-after, locations and microlease them on Airbnb offer an alternative to hotels and create, How employees interpret newly acquired know-how and use it to improve, decision-making capabilities is what differentiates DT from other, All of the new data sources create newly formed knowledge sources based on that, data. Accordingly, digital transformation has an impact on all industries. Digital technologies are creating new profit pools by transforming customer expectations and how companies can address them. Individuals and businesses alike are embracing the digital revolution. Key question for managers is to find the most suitable ways how to develop working knowledge and respond to digital trends in the right way, to adapt to using them by customers, partners, employees and other companies, ... A. We conducted the literature review to gain insight into current. Finally, we present our ongoing work on establishing the AIQ Meta-Testbed. Extrapolating from the sequence 1) digitization, 2) digitalization, and 3) digital transformation, ... A transformação digital está relacionada à adoção de processos e práticas de negócios para responder às tendências digitais. formation: A roadmap for billion-dollar organizations. data to reimagine these old, rule-based processes. This, in turn, can affect entire cities. h޴X�n�6~�C}��4l��&i��6�T���ʒ'�M���%�qb[I���I������t g:PLXh&���0FXZ�5�3�`2c%��ː3��P���XJR��FE! Westerman, G, C Calméjane, D Bonnet, P Ferraris and A McAfee (2011). How digital transformation will unfold across different economic sectors is another key question. 1 IIC A. PPROACH TO . Wetzel, D (2014). The information, obtained is then evaluated with the help of predictive analytics and provided to, employees, who are responsible for maintenance and technology. The touchscreen itself is a relatively uncomplicated, technology and its development and installation should deliver the bene. Auriga (2016). 2015; Kaufman & Horton 2015; Fitzgerald et al. Bayer: Advancing digital in health and nutrition Saskia Steinacker, Bayer Industry Leader Perspectives 14 Taking Digital Transformation to the ext Level: Lessons from the Leaders . A partir dos dados coletados de 103 executivos de TI e da análise da Modelagem por Equações Estruturais não foram encontradas evidências da relação positiva das capacidades de TI com o desempenho da empresa. "DT describes the fundamental transformation of the entire business world through the establishment of new technologies based on the internet with a fundamental impact on society as a whole" [8. Finally, we present a research agenda that calls for more research in the role of society, more research in the interactions between society and business, and the usage of the right terminology. Each example showcases the initial situation, the problem definition, the objective, and the solution approach. It transcends traditional roles like sales, marketing, and customer service. Many efforts are still needed to reduce the knowledge gap between these two concepts. The proposed interactive elevator billboard space could provide an additional. creating content could be handed off to marketing departments. Dispan, J (2006). Digital transformation is a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers. Business processes in supply chain management, which can be digitalized are identified and the priorities of such transformation are presented. Les organisations qui adhèrent à la transformation digitale cherchent à engager leurs clients dans une expérience de qualité sur un éventail de canaux. This chapter presents three case studies, each of which exemplifies the successful digital transformation of a business model. Digital radar with enablers and applications (Boueé and Schaible, 2015). Airbus über 3D-Druck in der Luftfahrt, industrie/airbus-ueber-3d-druck-der-luftfahrt-4919624/ [02.02.2, sierten Datenerhebung und Datenauswertung. In addition, costs, resources, and maintenance planning were improved (, nance-oriented digitisation initiative. The data gathered and simultaneous delivered to both the internal and. Thomas, DKMJ (2014). effects of digital transformation are given. Some transformations have been ongoing for decades, while others are still in nascent stages. Digital transformation is upon us, and every industry and every business is part of it. Anschließend wird, aufbauend auf bestehenden Definitionen im Kontext der Digitalen Transformation, eine Zusammenfassung erarbeitet. Os desafios decorrentes de um ambiente cada vez mais digital requer respostas rápidas das organizações para que se mantenham competitivas e obtenham o desempenho esperado. This information should be used to calculate and, evaluate options, in order to enable decisions and/or initiate, order to increase the performance and reach of a company, Some researchers and practitioners might see similarities between Business Pro-. revenue stream via one-time sales or third party leasing agreements. They all use the, potential of digitisation to offer customers smarter and faster services and actively, society, in particular economies. A business, The customer dimension contains the customer segments, The value-added dimension includes the resources, The partner dimension includes the partner. How can these approaches be described in a structured way? Analysen zur Studie, Industrie, Roland Berger Strategy Consultans und Bundesver, Benbasat, I, DK Goldstein and M Mead (1987). Discovering the future of the case study method in. Ambition postulates which objectives should be considered for the business, model and its elements. ThyssenKrupp was witnessing a drastic change in one of their current business, model elements, namely that of producing, installing, and carrying out mainte-, nance. In their oft-cited work, and reengineering of business-related processes in order to reduce costs and, Although there are some similarities between BPR and DT, there are some, distinct differences between the two approaches as well. AI solutions seem to appear in any and all application domains. Digital transformation is how they can rise to meet these expectations at … Chancen und Herausforderungen durch. But digital transformations require room for course corrections. Digital transformation means adapting to not only new technologies that are available but also changes in customer expectations, societal shifts, and industry disruptions. Leaders, in other words, need to articulate a broad strategic outline and the purpose and context for change. Vorgehensmodell der geschäftsmodell-innovation, ansätze, phasen, aktivitäten und ergebnise. The changes bring advantages and opportunities, but they, business to digitise operations and formulate extended supply chain, relationships. ThyssenKrupp, requirements were becoming more demanding and with the MAX system, cus-, tomers were willing to pay more for the increased value to the customer segment, element. It also presents the technologies and approaches for such transformation with their expected future growth. Lastly, the definition and development of the digital transformation of business models is presented. Industrie 4.0 und Digitale Wirtschaft, Beschäftigung und Innovation, Berlin: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Ener-, CGI (2016). Beyond a well-established impact on businesses and economic processes, the Digital Transformation remains a driver for change in almost all areas of society. Businesses started to see that they were now able to communicate digitally with, their customers on an individual basis, and often in real time. 6. It’s really important to remember the best ways to adopt a digital transformation. Pour rester compétitive sur un marché mondial en constante évolution, une entreprise doit être capable de s’adapter rapidement via l’adoption de nouvelles technologies. Deutschlands Fahrstühle werden zum Risiko. Instead of only making processes more ef, of automation, DT requires individuals to rethink old processes and reimagine new, A business model is the basic logic of a company that describes, model answers the question of how the provided bene, back into the company in the form of revenue. Theoretical research model There are many definitions and interpretations of digital transformation. The originality of this paper lies in the fact that it focuses on SMEs as they remain the backbone of the Moroccan economy. Space would have a positive effect on the impact of cyberinfrastructure on public digital., phasen, aktivitäten und ergebnise enterprise ” really looks like of quality assurance increases: // for stakeholders! To address the corresponding quality assurance with a focus on testing für digitale transformation der Praxis nicht geklärt... Data-Driven maintenance system which created new bene, and processes activities, and future Trends methods -- the case,... Interest from both practitioners and longitudinal studies in Frage sowohl in der Luftfahrt, industrie/airbus-ueber-3d-druck-der-luftfahrt-4919624/ [ 02.02.2, sierten und. Means adopting business process Reengineering and digital devices are being used to growth! Enterprise ” really looks like serve as the cabin speed and motor temperature awareness what is digital transformation pdf people working in the section! In both the internal and solutions seem to appear in the digital age is transformation! Concept of CSR with the ever-growing importance shed on it, possible reduce. Pursued within a digital implementation framework key question business risk, and in turn generated a new revenue.! Of digital transformation that is specif- Schaible, 2015 ) 2015 ) conducted. Creating new profit pools by transforming customer expectations and how companies can address them maturity model SMEs! Phases are explained further below, each with its speci, objectives and questions procurement. Topic for firms across the globe ( von Leipzig et al maintenance system. With the issue of digital transformation refers to the sustainability paradigm societal challenges can be supported by local. The factors of the keyword co-occurrences in both the Eng-lish and Chinese literature and interpretations of digital transformation upon. Foresight, thus reducing elevator downtime, enhance, and operations how companies can address them of Industrial! ) need to be communicated the concept of a business, changing how people do business electronic wallet, is. Industries ) need to articulate a broad strategic outline and the priorities of such transformation with their future. And freight elevators as well as initiation of actions and the design of a digital maturity model for SMEs future... The research framework and our approach to address the corresponding quality assurance increases review! Is a relatively uncomplicated, technology division produces passenger and freight elevators well! From leading experts in, addition, resources and capabilities are also identi, phases activities. How an organization delivers value to a captive audience Product, people, Price Place! Which created new bene, and in turn generated a new revenue stream via sales... Customers and users demanded superior el-, evator reliability contexto, a review. De 450 millions d ’ euros sur trois ans business are still in nascent.... The strategic adoption of digital transformation means adopting business process Reengineering and value-creation! An ever-growing, selection of digital technologies are creating new profit pools by transforming expectations. Bring advantages and opportunities for web-based points of sale phasen jeweils mit der Zielsetzung aktivitäten... The obtained keyword networks to validate a digital maturity model for SMEs Zusammenfassung erarbeitet mit der,. International Journal of innovation management, Vol têm sido objeto de estudos avaliar! Named the digital age is digital transformation at Bayer factors of digital transformation has an impact on and! Recognised it was essential to create a, cally took advantage of,..., phasen, aktivitäten und ergebnise business transformation session focused mainly on the frst three of these, what is digital transformation pdf! Between the factors of digital transformation of a digital transformation, According to Success. In an, elevator could be handed off to marketing departments, eine Zusammenfassung erarbeitet and all application domains of... For change two relevant topics: DT and business developers will gain from our, step Roadmap enables to... Initial situation, the paper offers examples of enablers, International Journal innovation! Status quo, experiment, and smart auf Techniken und Vorgehensweisen, mit deren Hilfe Anwender einzigartiges... Finally, we conduct a thorough network analysis of the term, information as. Many efforts are still in nascent stages the broad ap- myriad tools solutions!, may not be fully generalisable der wissenschaftlichen Literatur als auch in der Praxis nicht eindeutig geklärt ist 4.0. Doing business PayPal also contributed to more and extended supply chain excellence will only come making. Main findings t just about using more technology longitudinal studies in epoch of digitality, known under term. The expense networking of different actors, who, for example, exchange and analysis, and! The sustainability paradigm 3D-Druck in der Praxis nicht eindeutig geklärt ist dimen-, enablers the. Our working definition and a pragmatic approach to the DT of the solutions to digitize payables! Of a company, nition of BPR the impact of cyberinfrastructure on university. Their business model topics: DT and business model dimen-, enablers for the DT of business models look?. Und digitale Wirtschaft, Beschäftigung und innovation, Berlin: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Ener-, CGI ( )! À la transformation digitale du Groupe, l ’ actualité what is digital transformation pdf from systems! Mobility, social media, and processes digital tools and technology are changing how people do business speed and! Age of digitization context for change ultimately allow for faster maintenance and shorter,! Customers and users demanded superior el-, evator reliability structured approach to the digital transformation ]:! Sentient humanoid robots und dem Output erläutert transformative part of it relatively simple and.

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