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ACAP Cape Breton and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality water utility are hoping the words come flowing out when residents think about their tap water. Jurisdiction. It is our job to construct, maintain and manage 7 water treatment plants, 5 pumping stations, 10 water storage tanks, 7 sources of supply, 770 kilometers of water lines, and 2,900 fire December 18, 2019 at 12:51 pm. CBRM Water Utility is committed to quality, and you can help Tappy's wish come true by organizing a cleanup in your area. CBRM Water Utility The Cape Breton Regional Municipality Water Utility supplies water to 81,000 people around the clock, 365 days a year. ACAP Cape Breton will … CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY WATER UTILITY SCHEDULE OF RATES FOR WATER AND WATER SERVICES (Effective for water supplied on and after 1 July, 2017) RATES The rates set out below are the rates approved by the Board for water and water services when payment is made within 30 days from the date rendered as shown on the bill. The Cape Breton Regional Municipality is deferring tax sales and disconnection for non-payment of a water utility for 90 days. February, 2009 RE: FLUORIDATION CBRM WATER SUPPLIES Background. As form of an oral health initiative the CBRM Water Utility adds a form of fluoride to the water in the communities of Sydney, Glace Bay, New Waterford and Northside. The Cape Breton Regional Municipality has taken the first step toward charging residents more for water after projecting a $330,000 shortfall in its water utility budget. Water Utility Water Part II: Groundwater Monitoring. CBRM has issued a tender to study water loss in the Sydney and Pottle Lake distribution systems and hope to find savings that can be spent on future capital improvements. Contact Information. TO: WATER UTILITY COMMITTEE. The successful consultant will advise the utility regarding detailed design, preparation and review of construction tenders, and provide project management and site inspection services throughout the construction phase. Issue Paper. Cape Breton Regional Municipality A Community of Communities. DECISION 2017 NSUARB 103 M07898 NOVA SCOTIA UTILITY AND REVIEW BOARD IN THE MATTER OF THE PUBLIC UTILITIES ACT - and - IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION of the CAPE BRETON REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY on behalf of its WATER UTILITY for Approval of Amendments to its Schedule of Rates and Charges for Water and Water Services and its Schedule of Rules 320 Esplanade Suite 300 Sydney, NS B1P 7B9 Tel: (902) 563- 5280 Fax: (902) 564-0481 ... CBRM Mayor Cecil Clarke was “not in the building” on September 27 when students (and others) from his community gathered in front of the Civic Centre to demand action on climate change. The CBRM water utility is asking for proposals from qualified engineering consulting firms to manage the project. Cape Breton. 46.13753, -60.195941. Cape Breton Regional Municipality Water Utility (CBRM) Cape Breton Regional Municipality Water Utility (CBRM) Location. The CBRM water utility also posted a surplus, thanks to rate increases three years ago that covered a deficit. The CBRM water utility is asking for proposals from qualified engineering consulting firms to manage the project.

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